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It only takes one (disruptive child) to affect a whole school

“The behaviour of one child in our school was so bad it was affecting the moral, focus and standards of the whole school. It affected everyone to such an extent that I was seriously considering giving up teaching for good. Then Gemstones were employed to resolve the issues. As the problems were resolved I rediscovered my passion for teaching and now enjoy it more than ever.” – Teacher

It isn’t just the individual children we help! By resolving their behavioural issues we help parents, teachers, as well as all of the pupils in the school. Raising Standards and expectations at the same time as reducing precious time and the associated costs.

By resolving a child’s problems as part of their development process prevents potential costs being incurred to the wider community if left unchecked. (See the chart of Stakeholders in the welfare of our children).

We provide both Short Term and Longer Term solutions to cover all requirements.

Our Purpose

We aim to provide a range of services, for home and school, that transform the learning environments of children and young people with social, communication, emotional and mental health difficulties, so that they make a positive contribution to society.

Our Mission

“Transforming lives, promoting the highest expectations, providing inspirational and therapeutic learning environments.”

Our Vision

To provide a holistic, therapeutic and flexible evidence based service that secures improvements in the achievement of vulnerable pupils and in the emotional well-being of home and school communities.

Gemstones was founded by Eithne Leming in 2012.

Having seen how the economic climate was beginning to change the education system, Eithne foresaw the need for an independent dedicated education services company that offered a unique blend of behaviour support and therapeutic interventions with a learning focus for vulnerable and troublesome children and hence Gemstones Education was formed.

Joining Eithne in her role as Strategic Director are two other ex Headteachers: David Fox – Operations Director who handles all client liaison and oversees day to day running of the company and Sue Chesworth – Director.

Now with a staff of eight Teaching and Therapeutic Learning Consultants working across the whole Eastern region, Gemstones continues to grow and increase its work scope to support schools.

Our Services

We provide a range of therapeutic outreach services to schools (EYs settings, primary and high), pupils and their families.

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Partner Schools

We are proud to have worked with the following schools (Sept 2012 – Sept 2018)



Gemstones Education staff are a group of teachers and trained therapeutic staff, with many years of experience between us of working in a range of schools, both mainstream and special, with children and young people from the ages of 3 – 19 years.

Eithne Leming (B. Ed MA)
Eithne Leming (B. Ed MA)Strategic Director
Eithne has worked in education for almost 40 years as a teacher, headteacher, leader of regional and national projects, as a consultant, trainer and author for publications such as the Head’s legal guide.
David Fox
David FoxOperations Director
David spent 14 years as a Headteacher and Interim Head of primary schools with good to outstanding inspections. He has worked as an independent consultant in Suffolk and Norfolk County Council.
Sue Chesworth
Sue ChesworthDirector
She has experience working as a special school head teacher and was founder and CEO of charity that provides bespoke educational programmes for young people that provides bespoke educational programmes.
Meet The Rest Of Our Team

What Our Clients Say…

Thank You!

“Your support has enabled my staff to manage and teach this child better and has prevented an exclusion—thank you!”


A positive input to staff!

“Big improvement in self-confidence of staff when supporting this child. A positive input to staff has been much appreciated”

Class Teacher
SENCo - Eyke

We Applaud Them

“We applaud the outstanding planning, organization, co-ordination and execution of their service”

Ely Schools Partnership
(Six schools in Ely)

My Saddness Has Gone Away

“The sun is out and my sadness has gone away. I don’t want to be angry anymore”

Year 5 Child
Ely School

Gemstone cannot be compared to any other behaviour support service we have experienced.

The service provided by Gemstone’s cannot be compared to any other behaviour support service we have experienced. Gemstones provide a bespoke service of support to individual pupils who we identify as our most challenging pupils. Currently they support two pupils in our school for a 3 hour session each week and also work with the families. Children’s behaviour is usually a symptom of wider family issues so the holistic support that Gemstones provide for the family creates a greater and long lasting impact on the child’s behaviour and emotional health.

The staff are highly qualified and experienced, giving a level of assurance in their competence that is unparalleled. We receive a comprehensive report within 24 hours and typically that evening, outlining the detail and outcomes of the therapeutic session along with a range of strategies for the teacher or SENCo to apply, which means we can take any further action with immediate effect. Gemstones work very closely with us and we value this working relationship. I cannot recommend Gemstone’s highly enough.

Tracy McKenzie

Gemstones is a highly professional and knowledgeable service.

Gemstones is a highly professional and knowledgeable service which has proved to be consistently adaptable and supportive to both the needs of the children and the school.

Sally Smith
SENDCo Trimley St Mary’s

It Makes a Real Difference!

Our work with Gemstones is in many ways some of the most significant work that we do in the school. Through their consistency, flexibility and thoroughly knowledgeable approach we have been able to prevent exclusions, reach out to families who we couldn’t engage with and ensure that the mental health of our most vulnerable children was being nurtured. The work that gemstones have done with our pupils and their families is a thing that the parents involved stop me on the street to say thank you for, it makes a real difference.

Paul Baddeley

I have learnt so much from Gemstones

“I have learnt so much from Gemstones staff and have felt really supported as well as the pupil who did so well thanks to your help.”


The reputation of Gemstones has grown amongst families

“The support from Gemstones has been most successful when the work involves parents and they are fully engaged. The reputation of Gemstones has grown amongst families.”

Head Teacher

In the classroom there have been no outbursts.

In the classroom there have been no outbursts. He can work independently when he’s focused & his writing is age expected. Using the Boxall to identify needs & strategies has been useful & supporting staff to create personalised timetable.


There has been a whole week clear of violence.

Arrangements have been good, strategies have been helpful & different. There has been a whole week clear of violence.

Head Teacher

He Smiles

He is now beginning to show humour, he smiles & shares emotions on an individual level & parents are engaging.


G shows empathy now

“G shows empathy now. She can regulate her emotions and her behaviour towards peers is now age expected.”


Everyone is happier now

A is enjoying life more and more, your specialist care has transformed her friendships and quality of life both at home and school.

A loves the meditations so much they have become a positive force in our home. Interestingly, she likes to read them to herself sometimes and also read the ‘Cloud of Calm’ to me after a tough day… It worked!

Bedtime has been transformed with your suggested family meeting about it all. Everyone is happier now, especially A.

I’m sure we will access Gemstones again as she develops, and we hope to see you again.


If I get angry I know what to do

AB is looking forward to Y6 and told me he has enjoyed our sessions and they have helped him ‘learn to control my anger.  He said “If I get angry I know what to do. It’s been good spending time with you”.’

Parent from Trimley

Having the feedback so quickly has been great!

“The support received from Gemstones has helped the school to consider a review of their provision for some children. Having the feedback so quickly has been great!”


SENDC -Ashill VC Primary Sch, Thetford

The arrangements and support have worked well

“The arrangements and support have worked well. The feedbacks and strategies have been very useful with the strategies working well for the whole class.”

Raleigh Infant School, Thetford

The support has been perfect

The support has been perfect; timings have worked well, with flexibility meaning that no sessions have been missed. Feedbacks have been really good, with such a good time turn-around. Some very useful strategies/suggestions which have been acted on by the class teacher.


SENDCo—Redcastle Primary Sch, Thetford

The support process has been very useful

“The support process has been very useful, focussing needs and strategies using the Boxall profile. Arrangements have worked well and feedbacks have been received the same day. Supporting staff to create a personalised timetable has been extremely helpful..”


Deputy Head
Bishops Primary School , Thetford.

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